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Although Remota has the highest standards of service and comfort, the hotel doesn’t define itself by stars. The concept of luxury for us is much more noble and generous as incorporates the rich environment where the property is located. All of Remota’s buildings are in perfect harmony with the environment and the local culture, from its well-recognised sustainable architecture, to the way that all the more than 30 excursions –offered daily - are restructured and created so that they cause minimum impact to the local ecosystem. After being established in Patagonia for over eleven years, we have a portfolio of over 30 tours and excursions to the most representatives areas of the region. This way our guests can experience first hand, everyday, the natural and cultural beauty of Torres del Paine National Park - World Heritage Site as well as World Biosphere Reserve; and further afield to valleys, mountains, lakes, glaciers, rivers and forests. Tours can be done by vehicle (4x4), horseback, bicycle, or walking, sailing the fjords; it all depends on the guests preference and the area they would like to visit.

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  • Articulos de baño y ducha
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  • Cama extra para niños de hasta 12 años
  • Secador de pelo
  • Austeridad y Confort