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Barraco Lodge, is located right along the Northern Patagonia border, 110 km (70 miles) from Puerto Montt and 80 km (50 miles) from Puerto Varas. Barraco Lodge sits on on a mountain slope 50 meters above Lake Tagua Tagua, right at the origin of the Lower Puelo River, both magnets for fly fishermen from around the world, due to the purity and color of its waters, and of course for the magnificent specimens to be found there. 3,900 feet tall granite mountains, adorned with native trees, including Ñirres and Lengas, create a natural amphitheater, where each day is different from the previous one. Thanks to its proximity with El Tepual International Airport, the access to the lodge is excellent and trouble free, resorting to us, as well,the lodge may be reached by land, allowing you to immerse yourself into one of the most magical sceneries in Patagonia's territory, in much less time you could have imagined.

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