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For those of you who wish to enjoy peacefulness and nature, at El Pedral’s retreat we offer lodging and full board at the historical manor of the farmhouse. The manor built in 1923 is part of a unique scenery, made up by an endless pebble shore, high cliffs and fauna in its natural habitat. In this magical place guests are welcome to take walks at sunset, read in any of the house’ rooms, enjoy the warmth of the firewood or savour dinner in a family atmosphere. The house of El Pedral is an original Patagonian farmhouse and constitutes a museum itself. This farmhouse has a history and particular design that result especially attractive. The country hotel is the antique Norman manor built in 1923 by Félix Arbeletche. It is composed by three buildings: the main house where breakfast and meals are served, and two wings with eight bedrooms, which can be transformed into double, twin or triple rooms, according to the preferences of the guests. A little entrance hall is shared every two rooms. If needed, a cradle is also available. The 220 V power is generated by wind energy. In case there is no wind, power is generated by a diesel generator. There is no telephone or mobile service. We have a satellite internet connection. There is no TV. In the farmhouse, cash is needed only for paying tips or additional services such as premium wines.

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