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A UNIQUE SERVICE Yellow Submarine S.A. has built a semi-submersible vessel with leading technology for underwater whale watching. Southern Spirit S.A., the licensed dealer of the watching services, has constructed the vessel and is in charge of the operation and management. The service of submarine whale watching is unique in the world. On board of the Yellow Submarine, passengers will be able to watch whales walking around on the outdoor upper deck at their pleasure as a conventional tour, or they can watch them on the lower deck as if diving among them. On this underwater level, 40 viewing windows with their own seats allow passengers to watch the submarine environment. SUBMARINE WATCHING Our service stands out for allowing you to watch whales submersed in their habitat. Underwater the perspective looks completely different, which is comparable only to the experience of diving among them. While whales remain close to the vessel, we can watch them all the time through the 40 viewing windows on the submersed lower deck. On board, passengers can walk around at their pleasure on the submersed lower deck or on the outdoor deck to watch the whales from the surface of the water. The combination of the submarine watching with the panoramic sights from the outdoor upper deck will undoubtedly lead to an unforgettable experience! SCHEDULE OF ACTIVITIES Starting and finishing point: Office of Southern Spirit in Puerto Pirámides. Route: Navigation on the Golfo Nuevo in a range of 10 miles from the starting point, depending on the position of the animals. Species to be watched: Southern right whales, sea lions and typical birds of the Patagonian coastline (according to the season of the year). Duration of the trip: 1.5 hours. After sailing for a few minutes, the vessel arrives at the whales’ area and the cruise begins. According to their preferences, passengers will be able, at all times, to be on the submersed lower deck or on the upper deck. They will enjoy the information given by the whale watching guide, comfortably seated while watching the animals. During the cruise, the whale watching guide will comment on the behaviour and customs of the animals interpreting the activity that the animals may be performing at that time, and will answer the queries of the passengers. For safety reasons, in case weather conditions are not appropriate, the company could modify, postpone or cancel the trips. CUSTOMER SERVICE Our office is located in Puerto Pirámides, some 100 km from the city of Puerto Madryn. Address: Av. de las Ballenas and Primera bajada al mar [first road to the sea]. +54 28 0449 5094 / +54 928 0457 2340 Our office is open from: 1st June up to 31st August every day, from 9:00 till 18:00. 1st September up to 31st December every day, from 9:00 till 20:00.

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